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IJZ SQL Server Stored Procedure Helper

This project has created to speed up Stored Procedure Creation. Initial idea was to create basic code for following CRUD operations in no time:

  • Create as Add
  • Read as Get
  • Update
  • Delete
  • and ReadAll as GetAll(additional)

User just have to perform following actions:

  • Run Application
  • Provide Connection String
  • Provide Author Name for Comment
  • Provide prefix for stored procedure name if required
  • Load Database
  • Generate Script
  • Execute Scripts on Database

We have following assumptions:

  • Every table must have Identity Column and that will be Primary key too.
  • For Add and Update operations may work without any change for full object.
  • For Delete operation user may have to handle calls to delete child data as per requirement.
  • For Get operation, user may get standard object for given identity/primary key.
  • For GetAll operation user may have to code joins as per requirements.

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